Morgan Sloan is a Huntsville, Alabama native and grew up inspired to play guitar from listening to his grandfather play. He started college following his father's footsteps going into engineering but quickly found that although capable of doing the work, the job was not fulfilling to him. Inspired by his friends who were able to make a way by playing music, Morgan became determined to do the same. Having multi-instrumentalist capabilities has allowed him to find work as bassist for TGTG, drummer for Cheryl Llewellyn band and Bookie Wilder, lead guitarist for Cheryl Llewellyn as an acoustic duo, and guitarist and singer as an acoustic duo with Gus Hergert. Also on the board of Blues to Bluegrass, a non profit organization who regularly raises money for charitable causes in the Huntsville community, Morgan acts as music talent scout and director and regularly donates his time to perform at the music benefits. Morgan is on track to release his first acoustic solo album this year, and samples of some of the music that will be in that record is on his website at . He is regularly performing at Domaine South and Liquor Express in Huntsville, but can also be seen at Salty Nut Brewery, OTBX, Straight to Ale Brewery, and Green Bus Brewery as well.